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Sketchbook 4 Human Rights

Art has the idiom to change man himself whether he is the artist himself or the observer. Art heals and hurts, art is resounding and touches our most silent and hidden pieces, uniting them in a huge invisible puzzle.


Elena Karanikolou aka Missy Merida – Human Rights

Hi, my name is elena ( missy Merida) and I’m a selftaught illustrator from Greece. Since 2018 I work as a full time illustrator, creating books for publishers in Greece and participate in many projects and collaborations.

I mostly work with pencils, ink and digital media but I also enjoy using gouache, watercolours and mixed media.

I live a few miles away from the center of Athens, in a house by the sea, with my husband, our children and our lovely pet pikla. My favorite thought is a sunset and my favorite color is the true one in the eyes of my favorite people out there .

Im a selftaught dreamer and I believe in fairies.

[Πηγή: www.sketchbook4humanrights.com]

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